The Power of Gratitude in Reaching Inner Peace السلام النفسي and Treating Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

What is Stress? and Why do we get stressed?

First Priority for Our Brain is to survive and prepare for worst-case

The Growth Mindset

How to Train Your Mind?

1. Through Gratitude

The state of Gratitude (Madarij)

What Can we do?

  1. Thank Allah for the current blessings (Health, money, home …)
  2. Thank Allah for the things you had for a while, then lost them (Remember how Allah blessed you all those years)
  3. After each prayer, you say “Alhamdulillah” 33 times. Focus while you are saying them on all the blessings that Allah gave you
  4. Start each duaa with a gratitude



-- I love Allah and invite people to his love

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